You don’t have the time to build a case against anyone anymore
even if they decide you’re not the kinda tea they’d keep
but the kind they’d defiantly toss into the sea
Slip off on the next breeze
You have to be what you are
sorry that’s not a king
but that is a made-up thing
so you could be
You don’t have time to hide scars from the stars anymore
even if they don’t shine for eternity
just long enough for you to experience peace
‘Cause you have to be what you are
Do what you can do
Or how else will you ever know
what you are capable of
Never give up
Fly if that’s what you dream about
Feel yourself, imaginary king of the clouds
And float on any breeze that can carry you
And if you happen upon souls interested in traveling with you
You have to be what you are indeed
But don’t cling 
Don’t flinch
And don’t wait to find out
If it is an itch or who they may be
Especially considering
You don’t have time to call me and whine about it anymore
If the pin that is in them
is designed to poke holes in anything
mimicking man-made royalty
that they are tethered to
My advice to you
Be Free

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