I catch his eye as I walk toward him
giggling with my homegirl
headed to yet another bar
at 2 AM
He said Hey, I want to bite your panties off your body right now and wring them motherfuckers in my mouth, I swear to god.
I put my finger up to my friend
which she knows means I plan to entertain this for a minute
and I turned to him, walked close so his nose tip was above my lips
and said for that kind of luxury he needed permission.
May I he says
And I said, no begging? You should beg. Ugh, do better.
I turn to leave…
So he says please baby please and matter of fact where you from
I said earth like you
and he said wrong I’m from the motherfucking sun
I said I like that
and then he pulled this bag from under his coat and unwrapped a CD
a fucking CD
where is anybody going to play a damn CD
he said check out my cd  
I said you are the best fucking salesperson I have ever seen too bad you wasn’t saying what you mean have a good night
my homegirl laughs
and he said the fuck I wasn’t
you can crucify me
and he grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest and said it again
crucify me
staring directly into my eyes
and for 30 seconds, I was in love.

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