Now, of course, don’t judge me.
This is probably the weed talking right now, but I do believe that everyone that I have ever seen whose mind works the same way that my mind does has one thing in common.
We all have these gigantic, big, huge, sad eyes. They are a Wharf shop local artist in watercolor eyes…
And of those of us I’ve seen, with our bulbous eye buds, we tend to partner intimately at least publicly with really good-looking people on average that I’ve noticed so far, and I think part of the reason, for that is the really good looking person notices that we get judged based on our appearance, especially these gigantic eyes that make it seem like we’re simple or crazy or stupid, and they know particularly well what it’s like to be judged based on one’s appearance because they are beautiful and there are certain connotations that come with being that for the masses, and they are misjudged quite a bit and because generally, they are very good, very kind folks, they see these big doe eyes, the forgive me people eyes, and they indulge those eyes and this creates a cycle of like weird shit because now we think
that we’ve got
some sort
of manipulative technique that we’re you know “using”
to make this happen for ourselves, but it isn’t really anything that we’re doing
it’s just we look this way
its circle jerk city
and I think the reason why we look this way is that there is some sort of neural transmitter trying to make a difficult connection in the mind that makes our eyes look a little different from everyone else’s eyes
or our brains work differently so that difference manifests in appearance in different ways  
And this is attractive to attractive people
but it’s like if you could fuck your dog
it’s super sad for the sad eyes
because deep down we know that they looking at us like pets
we are you know “to be saved” and they are going to save us and so it’s a flaw in both of us kind of people because we’re using this setup and not really looking at what we have and who we genuinely are in the moment we’re just operating on automatic, you know  
Taking Stage Directions from the magnetism of our physical appearances.

I’m just making shit up here, right?
I’m just running with an idea but I think what I am going to try to do and this is something that has never occurred to me…Is you know look at more average-looking people now, right because
I don’t think beautiful people respect their pets
and I haven’t done a very good job of respecting them either
I mean who doesn’t like to show off a trophy
that’s all it’s ever been
but if I’m going to have this love thing, I might have to look past my ability to bewitch Adonis with puppy dog eyes
Try now to see who genuinely is interested in what’s behind the doe eyes caught in the headlights
that they find themselves drawn to
so come on ugly dudes
let’s see what you got….seriously, I’m fucking kidding, I’d rather be single.

2 responses to “Similar Height of Timelines”

  1. Best Dogs Stuff Avatar

    Interesting perspective on how physical appearance can play a role in attraction and relationships. Have you found any research or studies that support this idea?
    A Walsh



      Nope. Just rambling. But thank you for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me and I appreciate it.


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