I pick up my pen
And put it down again
Tip to paper, now not later
I’ve got something to say…
I write out feelings
Scribbling meanings
Ways to describe you, half truths
Because how can I…how can I
explain a quiet thunder in a back lit sky
Because how can I… how can I
explain a love riot boiling inside
I pick up my thoughts
And put them in my hand
Lyrics to heartbeats, the energy of man
I’ve got something to say…
I dance around images
Pencil lead sneaks wordsmith kisses
Ways to entice you, enhance your mood
I’ve yet to experience your soul fire blues
explain why I see heaven reflect in 
A pool full of water I’ve yet to stand in…
I crumble the paper
Let me start over
Let me start again…
Let me say, Hi my real name is….
And we can be friends?


2 responses to “The Assignment”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    I read this and the first word that came to mind was #cute


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Sometimes, the truth is kinda cute. Thank you so much for even reading what I write at all. I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

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