Uisce beatha

Listen. I’m high, let me say that first. But I was thinking about the butterfly effect. Ride backwards with me for a second, baby.
We’re here because our parents hooked up.
But the only reason that part of our ancestors were even in America to begin with to meet and mate and make us at all was because of slavery.
So whose idea was that? The Brits that came here.
But what did they bring their monkey asses here for in the first place?
Because the Church of England said the Puritans were some fucking assholes who needed to leave.
But why was there a Church of England in the first place?
Because Henry the VIII wanted to divorce Catherine’s ass.
The Pope said nawl, bruh so England was like we ain’t Catholic no more, fuck y’all.
So where did his wife, Catherine of Aragon even come from?
Ferdinand and Isabella. And why did they hook up?
Some gangster shit on behalf of Roman Catholicism and reorganizing Spain.
Love is love.
But wait, who founded, according to them, the Catholic Church that they were acting on behalf of in the first place?
Hear me out.
Jesus Christ.
That’s right.
According to the butterfly effect, without Jesus, There’d be no us.
Now here’s the kicker.
Keeping the butterfly effect in mind, we’re fucking important me and you.
Our existence, even though we may never know about it is creating critical elements for the continuation of the next millennia, right now.
So let me buy you a shot of whiskey baby.
Accept what destiny might have in store…

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