You Young Sick Fucks

But hold on

let’s bring it back for a second

but what about THEM though?
but what about you though

Like, I just saw myself as decaying flesh for the first time today

and there’s gonna be more of that every day hereafter

so yeah, fuck it makes sense that I do what I do

and devour who I devour

its a desperate attempt to not die while I’m fucking dying
you know

but what about them

why are they fucking with me though

if they think I’m sexy right now, for real then they are fucking disgusting human beings and I fucking love it so much they are the worst losers in America how could they like this ragetty ass body that I have fully used up I have used this bitches skin to do all sorts of shit and here I am half dead basically holding onto dear life with my fucking hips I’m doing what I was designed to do but what the fuck are they doing why would they look at a corpse that has not even been well preserved, it is just pre dead and go that’s exactly what I like?

But you 26 baby.
you fuck with it like that sir?
Hello, Ma’am…

I’m bout to be 45.

The fuck is wrong with you? You are messed up in the head and I don’t understand it and it scares me and I want some and I’m jealous as fuck how could you like this I wanna kill you with it but I know what it is yall born dead
they are the vampires

the fucked up immortals just playing with death

for fun

fuck them

I want to fuck them too

all of them

the sick bastards

especially you all ya’ll are witches

fellow witches… if I may

they feel sorry for me because I’m dying…

so hold on

bring it back for a second
can I borrow your life?


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