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Awl damn.
That’s my bad.
When I saw you, lust was in my heart, true…
but then I thought, well…hoped, that you weren’t a “chill with you type” dude
I hoped that you were as brilliant as your face is beautiful
and that mug was not attached to a weak ho nasty sex-starved greedy fuckboi bro at all.
Perhaps, a king?
But don’t mind me, I be
daydreaming off faces…
so I’m the weak one. It’s cool. You pretty tho…

Take care and be good!
Don’t worry about it, honey. You have a nice night.
Awl damn.
You don’t let up without a fight huh? You don’t know me but you wanna chill, still?
I could be a terrible stupid fool. No, dear, that will never do.
I need if I’ma need, I need a man who says in his head I’m beautiful but, let me see, before I try to swoop in and change her life around is she even the queenly type?
gods know who they are.
They can tell and I can tell usually.
And maybe I was wrong about you.
That’s all.
I can make mistakes…
I don’t want to chill with nobody but my man. I’m so sorry. But thank you!
Awl damn.
You still don’t get it?
If a guy sees me and sees I wanna chill he’s either a surface loser or thinks I’m one.
Either way, he ain’t the him I need.
Take care and be good!
I’m so sorry. But Thank YOU!
Like I said, I chill with my man. I don’t have one but if I did, we’d both know it.

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