The Philosophy of the Whimbound Irish Wine Smugglers of Earth Prime

Me thinking you tight
ain’t really the compliment you hoping it will be
it don’t mean that you mean shit to me
you just match the kinda blaze my body craves
so baby if what you’re after is more
then look for me when I say I can help
look for me when I say I agree
look for me when I say I’m proud of you
‘Cause if you checking for me solely
because you think I’m tight
don’t expect me to move for shit that don’t matter
all moths are attracted to flames
we all look toward fireballs and fireworks and shiny beings
and that don’t mean a damn thing
check for me when you’re happiest and you wanna share
check for me when it could only be better if I’m there
check for me when you’ve learned something I could use
or without attachment that thing I could use is you
‘Cause you so pretty…

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