Pixie sat straight up in her chair. She could smell man. She pulled down her blouse just a little in the front so that any passersby could get a nice yet discreet glance at her ample cleavage.

Melanie didn’t smell anything. She was too busy with her head tilted back practicing relaxation breathing exercises.

” Damn.  He is fine as fuck.” Pixie said, nudging Melanie.

Melanie put on her glasses to have a look. The young man had a chisled face and bald head but everything he had on was in disarray. His teeshirt was covered in stains, his pants were sitting way below his waist and his shoes look like he stole them off of a cadaver who had drowned twenty years ago.

“I guess.” Melanie replied, taking off her glasses and putting them in her glasses case.

“You don’t think so? I hope I can still see that good good when I get old like you. He looks like Yul Brynner. I love Yul Brynner.”

Melanie smiled. She wasn’t insulted by the age jab at all or by Pixie’s lust of the dead or the slovenly. She opened her book and began to read to herself.

Here is where it gets tricky.

Pixie Prince and Melanie Moone do not exist in the real world. The only person who had actually seen the young man was Tomika Banks. She was sitting in the airport terminal, waiting for her plane to arrive. She had her book and her glasses and a keen nose for smelly young men. Pixie and Melanie both lived independently in Tomika’s mind. Until today.

Pixie leaned over and coughed a little, her breasts a bit more exposed, trying to draw the young man’s attention. He looked over and smiled.

Melanie shook her head and went back to her book.

“What?” Pixie asked, fishing some gum from her purse. “He’s cute and I’m bored, who are you to judge?” She waved at the filthy boy.

” I didn’t say anything and I have no place to judge, I don’t even know you. But it seems to me you are looking for the kind of attention that usually doesn’t lead to anywhere. Your choice, your life.” Melanie said and sipped from her water bottle.

The young man stood nearby watching Tomika, slightly confused by the mixed signals.

“Where the hell is it supposed to lead? I’ve got an hour until my flight comes and shit, I’m never gonna see this fucker again. I don’t understand what the problem is of a little hay romp in the ladies. I might make his entire day.” Pixie freshened up her lipstick, smiling at the man.

“I suppose if you protect yourself you should be fine. He doesn’t look like the cleanest of specimen on the planet but again, to each his own.” Melanie stretched and looked through her carry on bag for her pillow. A nap was in order.

“Lady, you are so full of shit, you mean to tell me you’ve never had a one night stand? Ever?” Pixie asked.

Melanie sighed deeply and shook her head.

“I’ve tried to let go of childish things. I have no desire to throw my body at every man who comes my way. Its not gratifying for me to become intimate just to cure boredom. I’m actually a whole person on my own and I don’t need someone inside my vagina to feel important. But that is just me.”

” Oh so you’re divorced and bitter huh? Your guy left you for a hot chick like me and you’re still mad, eh? I’m sure it happens to old bitter broads all the time. Won’t happen to me though. I will never get old. And I will never pretend like my body is some kind of holy temple that can’t be defiled until after I skid into a grave. I feel sorry for you miss lady, you probably aren’t even going to enjoy this little vacation you’re going on. Sad really. Oh well.”

“It’s not a vacation, I’m going home. Your opinion is very interesting. Small minded and immature but interesting. Hey, I’m not telling you to not let that guy give you herpes. Go right ahead, I’m sure your mother would be quite proud of how hot you are. She is probably the same way, right? Hopefully you make it to my age, sweetie.”

Pixie took a swig from a flask she had in her bra. The smelly man was on his cell phone with his back to her and she was getting anxious.

“I’m going home too. Not looking forward to it. My boyfriend isn’t very affectionate. Its why I need to get laid before I get back so I can last awhile without getting pissed off. I’m sorry that I am not a prude.”

Melanie found her pillow, kicked off her heels and put on slippers.

” Where are you headed,” Pixie asked.

“Las Vegas.” Melanie replied. ” Home Sweet Home.”

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