Fuck her

Your car, your house, your boat.
Anything that you can be inside safely is her.
The earth is called Mother.
You made these names.
On the same page on the same day
You turn right around and say…
Bitch. Slut. Whore. Thot. Tramp.
Lady Luck is frowning.
Madonna and Delilah are the choices that you give her.
Ruth and Jezebel are the labels that you place on her.
But when your team is winning the game you say, Let’s bring her home, fellas!
When the tide is turning on the sea you say, she seems to be calm now.
Your computer, Your money,Your trophies.
Anything that looks good, feels good and makes you better is her.
You made these names.
But being a pussy means that you are weak.
Are you ashamed that you worship her?
Are you jealous of her?
Or are you scared that nothing exists, nothing worthwhile, without her?
Or do you just want to possess her?
And when you cannot….. Is the only resolution
F#CK her?
She is blind.


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