My brain got stuck at 23, way before I was and when I became…
I stayed.
And right after that, a year later I was becoming a mom.
So 23, was the last time I was “me” and not mommy.
on Sunday my offspring
will be
I can’t believe I’ve held down a gig that long.
So now you’re 27 and you’re acting older than me
and I don’t like it.
I never really been into older guys too often
‘Cept Yul Brynner
and Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
and Judd Nelson and Russell Wong…
things are reverting and combining
while what I like is fucking
with being equipped to moving into the future
but I will never start lying
here we are and he has said
I’m scared but in a good way
wtf that makes no sense
Lil thieves
wtf that makes no sense
wtf that makes no sense
Lil thieves
idk why it sent multiple times
We came up with evil to explain shame to ourselves
my brain is stuck at 23
yet on Sunday my offspring will be 21
so I gots ta go
three is my favorite number
so I gots ta go
So he’s actually only that
much younger
and I’ve always been
a fan you see
I don’t need nothing from him
but to replace you
I’m scared but in a good way
and you, you were 22 five years ago
maybe now I can let you go
those little thieves are my little sister
and he knows
so I’m leaving again
I’m me again
from you
like all the ones before
the wtf that makes no sense
was about them because
he’s listening
and guess what, I kept fucking up because
I was looking for a favorite person
as sexual thing
the nice nasty nice nasty sandwich
trying to trap them I guess
like you
but guess what
we’ve been talking for a minute
It’s like you, but better…
on the same page
and there’s nothing to do
with anything horizontal
about it all
at all
and this is better for me
if I have to have a thing
this is a better thing
and I haven’t had you, not really,
not since 2018
I felt it immediately once I realized it
just like all the times before
wtf that makes no sense
and in a weird way, I’m in love again
I can breathe again
he an evening mimosa…. and you’re yesterday’s morning tea
thanks for everything
thanks for letting me
It’s on to Henry Cavill, and Nick Jonas
and Terrible Johnny Stevens…
I’m listening to me explain it to me
I’m listening to me to explain it to the universe
I’ve found something
and I gotta see…
I’m scared but in a good way
Little Thieves are everywhere
and I’m kinda grateful.

I might miss you someday.
No promises. I don’t miss the daylights before you existed now either so…

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