Meta-analysis of the radar invisible Orchestrated Pillage

The past couple of times
matter of fact three
when I’ve invited a gentleman caller
to come hang out with me
I said right out the gate
I said it clear from jump
I like to smoke, you cool because I need to know what’s up
I don’t want to offend
and don’t wanna waste your time
so if you coming up and through here
you need to bear that in mind
and on these 3 occasions
just like clockwork, I won’t lie
about 25 minutes into hanging loose
they started freaking out about the smokey mini fires
they started trying to tell me I should change
they here now so I need different ways
they think this is what I should do
so they can finally get the chance
to do what they wanted to
which was to run ME through
not 30 minutes into chilling
they all decided to say
that nawl they didn’t mind my smoking
but I should put it away
they came to kiss me, didn’t I know
they here now and want top billing on my show
Hell no that ain’t how this go, bros
See I hate a fucking liar
even more, one who tells half-truths
when I said I smoked they should have said

I’m just coming over to fuck you

and if you don’t mind, while I’m taking your body ride
I’d prefer it if you weren’t blazing
or contemplating life
or doing anything you want to do
that will not please me alright? Amazing.
These motherfuckers is crazy but
…then at least I’d have enough agency
to respond in kind if one of em was really fine
fine enough for a quick change
and yes I just want sex from someone pretty too so I might abide- no shade
but you can’t stay over more than two hours
bring yo own soda and no kiss goodnight
but none of them was attractive enough
to start me to rearranging my damn life
nawl it went a different way
these three chumps decided quickly
to lie for no reason about nothing at all
trying to control me don’t make my panties fall
it makes me violent and triggers a lot of bad things
that liars have done over and over to me
it makes me want to hurt them
the way I was hurt before
and I don’t want to be that bitch
not anymore
so I gotta pick better
but how could I know
I told the truth and asked for confirmation
baby steppin’ toward some kinda growth
I got it and the shit was still wrong
they had ulterior motives all along
I don’t know what they are doing now
I hope all 3 are okay
but I’ve not enough of my life left
to spend any of it explaining
why none of those motherfuckers could stay
So I’ll write it here and maybe they’ll see it someday
this joint is tasty
cigarette smoke hovers in the air
incense is burning freely
I won’t pretend to really care
about why 3 liars found me attractive
too busy contemplating life, I swear…

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