You make me think of warm pancakes now and again
and since I can’t have you I know I can have them
and I do, I always do,
I can’t resist the urge even when I want to
so I don’t think of you a lot anymore
but maybe syrupy pancakes are the catalyst
that brings a thought of you back
I recall going to buy some once while you slept
and when I came back with them you didn’t want to eat
you were still asleep
so I sat on the floor next to you and watched
and took pictures from all angles of you in my bed
I guess I couldn’t believe the shit
and needed some sort of proof
those photos don’t play as often on the loop in my mind
but sometimes
when I’m a little high
and the sun is shining
I haven’t eaten
and it is the weekend
and I’m feeling a little crampy
and it’s been about 28 days since
I gave up on us for the millionth time
it’s like the last time I thought about buttery pancakes
and a recollection about you sticks to an afternoon once more

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