Hey lady,

It’s Thursday and I know you’re feeling overwhelmed
you have a new home and a new job
and you’re trying to deal with limited access to funds until you get paid so you’re utilizing your savings to get by until money comes through
planning and hoping things will even out
and not being sure that is going to be the case
so I wanted to say to you that it’s okay to feel this way
it’s even okay to admit it
and it’s okay to not let anyone else’s problems or achievements
control your emotions or your day
there is nothing about your past that you can change
other than softening its memory in your mind and letting it fade
you’re here now and stronger
You’re more you
smarter, wiser, and able to handle all of the challenges that came before and therefore
you’re equipped to deal with the ones to come in the future
trust in that
give yourself some grace
do what you can control
what’s in your own power
and breathe deeply
you’re still alive and ultimately it will all work out how it’s supposed to
and all you need to do
is show up
focus on today
try to learn
use your coping strategies 
forgive any failures
and take it how it comes
as easily as you can
and if it helps, past you wrote this to say by the way
I love you
and only me and my thoughts on the matter make a difference
you’ve got this honey


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