Warmer Than Normal for September

Standing at the bus stop of my heart @ 6:27
pacing, and it’s 90º easily, yet
your six o’clock bus is late as usual…
Staring at the 6:28 Amtrak schedule in the terminal of my brain
planning (and its 92º surprisingly)
a quicker and less hectic route to you…
Sitting alone on the 6:29 subway platform of my lust
waiting with a empty tunnel holding steady at 98.6º
for you to push through my fleshy passenger doors-
But you aren’t on that bus since I made that bus up
And you aren’t near the track because the train is fictitious as well
But that lust subway, honey, it’s always in motion
Moving like a never ending cosmic ocean but because of love
I just pretend that its you every time the 6:30 actually pulls through…
What else could I do?

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