Let’s say you get bored and make a toy that looks like yourself to play with
and then to give your toy something to do besides just lay there and stare at you
you create some new toys for your toy to play with as well including an action figure
that your toy can use to make little versions of itself with (if it so chooses to of course)
and you make an ecosystem that pleases you that you think your toy would like
for it to live in and on and do whatever it wants with but as it turns out
much like you got bored (since your toy is a fucking replica of you
and therefore a complete loser as well) it gets bored with all the “perfection”
and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have needed something to play with
if you were satisfied with yourself, to begin with, and your toy feels the same way
that you do and in order to fulfill its own emptiness, it makes a bunch of other toys
to try to make itself feel better but it doesn’t love its things, it has the same desire you do,
to be great and to be worshipped so to keep your petty ass toy from destroying itself
and all of its stuff, you lay out all of these rules of the game, (that you made up for no damn reason)
but your toy eventually ignores you and you even have to put together a list of animals
you created that the toy is not allowed to sleep with or eat because since you made it
after yourself, it is dumb as fuck and doesn’t know how to not destroy itself and of course
in your boredom, you destroy the toys that you made to stop yourself from being bored
over and over again and keep remaking them, and you let them remake themselves
by basically sleeping with its own relatives until there is enough distance between them
that they forget that they are all from one family line of inbred playthings and since you
wanted the toy originally to be a hero of some sort like you think you are, it thinks it is
and it believes that all of the other kinds of toys are under its dominion, especially the action
figures (which according to the toys who wrote down the story of this toy company’s inception)
so the first toy made the action figures the bad guys, the cause for all problems so you didn’t have yourself to blame, and neither did your prototype and this goes on for thousands upon
thousands of years and how could you have known this was going to happen when there was
never any Queen of Heaven to speak of and had there been, maybe you wouldn’t have been bored enough to create the toy line in the first place…..
And let’s say you stop talking to your toys altogether, which apparently you have done
and as the toys keep writing about you, they keep telling stories about all the prototypes made
in your image and how they hung out with other models made in your image and had to
sacrifice smaller models made in your image to you in order to garner your affections,
and how the greatest version of the model made after you only hung out with other similar
models and never chose to make any new toys with any of the action figures
(according to what the toy scribes have written) and if any of your toys decide that they want
to go back to just laying down and worshipping you only the ones made in your image
are allowed to and you will fill them with a ghost version of yourself if they get to a certain level
of the game (which also requires no contact with the action figures) and even the 2.0 version
of you that you made and sent to the playground with the other toys came from an action figure
that had never been touched by any of your toys because for some reason, although you created
this process it comes off kinda icky, huh, so boom, another version of yourself just appears without having been fucked into this playground of yours, thus solidifying in the minds of your toys that the action figures are only for servitude and procreation and nothing else…
but when you were bored, in the beginning, why didn’t you just make the one toy?
Why didn’t you make it immortal, like yourself? Why didn’t you give it enough power to
make new fully formed adult toys with the flip of the wrist? How come when they started
disobeying you before you killed them all, drowned them, burned them, and then promised,
much like an abuser does, that you wouldn’t do that to them anymore and to prove that
you put a fucking rainbow in the sky? Why haven’t you destroyed all of the versions you made
now or have you gotten bored with them too, and moved on to making something else entirely to entertain yourself?  Is it because you’re trash and so are they and it simply isn’t fun anymore
to play with toys? Why don’t you care anymore that all of the toys that you made after yourself
stay at war, with themselves, in your name?

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