I’m just thinking literally and practically is all.
Although it is your fault it is my problem to solve.
It’s semantics but the only open books I’ve ever seen have been behind glass!
Although you heard this and said this I still don’t know what you meant yet.
What other sorts of books are just lying around open?
Ones on the ground tussled by wind sure but it has been discarded
nobody even wanted that fucking book…
so how did open books come to mean “what you see is what you get?”
so how did open books come to mean “I don’t lie?”
so how did open books come to mean “I don’t have secrets?”
Although you started with this bullshit now I have to end it.
We all lie, its the truth.
We all have angles that can improve the perception of our looks.
We all have secrets and we should.
We have lived a life that has required us to keep promises and remain faithful
in the shared knowledge of a combined past.
A principled person has things he or she cannot reveal, would not, out of respect, and is this not devotion?
You started this…
Are not the secrets of the heart representatives of loyalty?
They are and they are not open books of record for any and everybody, are they?
Even a reader has to speak the fucking language in order to understand it!
What difference would it make if it were open if you can’t read kanji?
Where are these open books at? Are the pages blank?
Although you tried to blow me off by saying you’re completely knowable, should you be?
Are you even?
Good books have secrets in them, hence them being closed in the first place.
Are secrets not proof of sacred and therefore long-lasting trust?
Although you pretend you are so awake are you even alive?
How the fuck are you going around telling people you are an open book?
Like, even a phone book as a cover…
It confuses me as a concept and that is the problem.
Although I want to know you, you’re presenting yourself like nothing means anything to you.
And nothing good is left open for long.

Especially not books.

You must be a 3×5 index card instead.







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