I was ravenous when I told the young one to strip and pose and send me proof for hours… and then decided to block him for a week for moving too slowly… I was pure toxin.
And I was esurient when I met and flirted with the older one at dinner and drinks the same night on his dime… and then decided he couldn’t stay the night due to his insolence… I was vicious.
And I was insatiable before the sun came up and the overly affectionate one that I normally wouldn’t give any time to was drenched in my uncontrollable diaphoresis…while I ignore his texts of falling so hard so fast by dawn…I was ferocious.
And I did all of that because I thought that I missed you
And I did all of that because I had decided to never call again
So I had to find someone to take it out on… someone to poison… someone to choke… I was dangerous.
But that wasn’t it at all.
Not after I saw the blood.
That wasn’t it at all.
I am just another simple beast…
And thankfully once again, none of them, or you… will matter to me for another short lunar cycle…
The tears are just a fucking side effect.

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