I got asked for my number at the gas station
and I didn’t know people even still did that
I got told he should be my husband because we’d look good together by a fucking scientist the next day
I got three neck cranes, and seven compliments already
today alone and more than a few hundred people online who think I’m remotely fuckable
but I don’t want none of them
And the flattery is white noise
it only ever matters when its coming from the one you want
so since its not…
it doesn’t matter but
when some dude I didn’t even desire
says he’s talking to me because I’m older
so it’s easier
that hurt for a second but is something I deep down believe
and it hurt a bit more for a while
and I’m falling out of love with love again
til I remembered I don’t want him either though
makes no difference what he thinks
I could sit down and settle at any moment I choose
let the dudes howling like dogs at my heels tell it
but I don’t
like it

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