Before I used to read the directions
Caution look before you leap…
Before I followed the recipe
I wish oh please I beg-
Before I only did what I thought everyone expected of me
Caution slippery when wet…
Before I feigned smiles and hid glances
I wish oh please I need-
Before I didn’t believe in second chances
Caution stay in your lane..
Before I only loved who had the most to give
I wish oh please I want-
Because that’s what all of them before me did
Caution don’t talk to strangers…
And then when I was loving me fully
Then when I couldn’t have cared less
Go for it…go
Then when my whole life was ahead of me
Tomorrow is not promised-
Then when it was too late to be afraid
Seize the day…seize
Then when I wasn’t trying to hide who I was trying to be
Tomorrow may never come-
Then when I was dancing in the rain with sunshine on my face
If not now, then when?
Then when I couldn’t fall any further from grace
Tomorrow is an illusion-
That’s when I found love.
Or love found me…
And it could have been accidental
Or it could have been destiny…


2 responses to “Red Tape Victim”

  1. thesmilingpilgrim Avatar

    Cool writing 🙂


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      That was kind. Thank you.


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