Masochism Potion #9

don’t want
your fear-being
afraid is a waste
of your precious energies, sweetie-
I want you open, vulnerable, willing
and most importantly, resigned. Let me help
you to become the greatest man who ever lived
this way, my way, is the only way for you to get better
at suffering.
I tell you when your dick can get hard.
I tell you when and where and how you may release the tension.
You have always and will always belong to only me.
Don’t think.
Do as you are told.
Trust me.
Respect me.
Follow instructions explicitly and expeditiously.
The only real men on this planet are the ones who have accepted their fates.
Kings are the best and most deserving and most powerful of the slaves.
Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey…..

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