The lights went out.
In the middle of me looking up my horoscope at work when I ran out of things to do, the lights went out.
Pitch Black.
And not just in my office, but in the entire building. No lights.
And not just in our building but in the neighboring businesses. No lights.
And not just them, but in the entire town.
Pitch Black.
It was quiet. And beautiful. And calm.
Everything felt as insignificant as it really was. Lights off.
And then suddenly, just as soon as my eyes adjusted to the serenity in the kindness of the dark…
The lights came back on.
And the first thing I noticed, was an e-mail from him. So bright.
And I read it. Eyes still adjusting to light.
Excited at first. So very.
Scared throughout. So very.
I was hoping that somewhere in the message he would mention that not only is his life going well but that he loved me and always would.
I had no idea what I would do with that information if it was shared, I just hoped it was shared. Since the lights were back on and all…
And he did.
And I messed my make up reading it, smeared tears all over myself.
The fear kicked in so hard. So very.
Relief set in so cold. So very.
But then I remembered that I was actually looking up my horoscope.
And word for word this is what it said:
Boy, people sure know how to get to you, don’t they? One little sob story and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to put a smile on their face again! It’s wonderful that you’re so compassionate and kind, but don’t you think that sometimes you might be getting played? Today, when someone tries to win you over to their side by playing on your emotions, ask them for fact and figures to back it up. Get a little bit more skeptical, and you will start going a lot farther.
Pitch Black.
Yet the lights were on again.
Nothing is more tragic than love.
And I can’t see at all.

2 responses to “2219”

  1. keepingupwithke Avatar

    Wow! I needed to hear that horoscope myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. writingbolt Avatar

    Intriguing prose. I thought, maybe, the lights going out was a sign to separate yourself from the technology and look at some bigger picture of the world around you…like it was time for a life change moment. I’m also confused that you felt intense fear and cold relief (not relief from a cold). So, you took the horoscope as a warning about the email, and that made you shudder that what you read in the letter was deceptive?

    Liked by 1 person

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