He asked me and then he begged.
He insulted me and then he took it right back.
He said I hurt him and then he said he couldn’t want me any more than right then.
He promised to kiss my face off  and to put it on me.
And I stopped fighting and he advised that once I feel something
I shouldn’t switch up my feelings and that I should always do what I am craving
and it’s not his fault he can’t keep his hands to himself even if he isn’t sure what it all means but he mentions human nature and how he couldn’t resist me if he tried
Funny thing is that he thought he lied…
So he came to me and I explained to him the phases of the moon and how insects and birds mate and procreate and he kissed me with a wicked blue smoke wafting from his lungs into the curl of my toes
and I let him.
I let go of everything and let him and of course I’d played coy in between his pillages sharp like a violinist and he loved it and without words his whole entire self loved me, his sweat did and his lips and his hunger did and his passion and at the most perfectly timed moment I put his hand around my own throat because the begging he had done earlier forced me ( of course he’d say that I only did what I wanted to now) and he was so moved that moving was something that he could no longer do and everything that he had begged for was his…
because as soon as he cried out in the ecstasy that he had traveled so far to taste so frequently I could feel and smell that he was as happy as he could ever be in this life so then I sprouted sticky legs off both sides of my arms and slithered up the wall into a corner, heaved a toxic poison at his beautiful face from my mouth and the acid ripped his head right off the stalk and melted to my netting and he felt his entire life flashing when I showed him once and for all exactly what loving me means…


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