I could love you traditionally
You look so good restrained.
Your eyes light up like firefly skin when you don’t know what’s coming next,
honey bunny
and I can’t wait until
the idea of feeling the tip of a wet cock rocket
smearing warm cum droplets across your plump ass lips
makes your own dick swell with dangerous anticipation
I won’t lie
When I close my eyes I see you, princess. You’re the only boy for me.
Wear a dress for me and heels and kiss my armpits and feet
be a crack addict geeking
You’re a flower forever blooming
cry my name
just because
you need me to love you unconventionally
You look so good in pain.
Your eyes light up like erupting volcanoes when you can’t control whether it stops or not,
pretty kitty
and I can’t wait until
you crave the smell of the creamy balm
that will cover your whole face every time I get bored
and choose to sit on it
and without my weight on your mouth you’d rather not breathe air at all
I won’t lie
When I day dream I dream of you, sugar. You’re all the slave I need.
Wear pink spandex and lipstick and suck my fingertips and elbows
be a heroin addict nodding
You’re a blossom ready for pruning
play my game stay and OD
handcuffed for nothing
just because
you’ve never heard of enough
when it comes to me

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