You didn’t think I’d find the fuckery but I always do
I see the smears and smudges clearly
I see the direction of the dust and the mud trails
My eyes are wide open and I’m looking for shit
And I never stop until I find it
You’re not special like I thought or unique
You’re not even close to flawless
And I see everything
Nothing is that good
I see intentions you haven’t intended yet
I see damages on the horizon
I never sleep not one second at all when someone like you is involved
You only want to make my body feel good
Because you’re not an original like I thought or amazing
You’re not even close to worthy
Nothing is that good
And I second and third guess everything I believe in
Until it ends or it’s proven
And what I thought about you couldn’t have been true
it was too good
So I started searching and you know what I found?
You’re just reused cellophane
wrapped around a dirty skirt
with a string dangling from the hem
Just another one of them…


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