Maybe the connection is meaningless and maybe the fact that it is a connection
at all is the important part…
We were rapping earlier in the day about nothing
and the weather and people’s favorite colors
and what that means about who they really are
and then a black cat sauntered underneath a car in the direction
of the moon where we both could clearly see it
and I watched him still talking say, oh shit a black cat
and without missing a beat he turned his back to it, stayed with the conversation
and I rudely
purposefully stared at it
almost taunting the dangerous proof that his fear represented to manifest itself
since I knew that it wouldn’t
and later, I decided I’d go out
he told me people who liked green were selfish lovers
I remember everything that connected
like night sauntering across the darkest of skies
and having a few brews I sat behind two dudes
4000 cords and noise and vibes and heat at the bar
only as it turns out
because I got up from my seat minutes before the drunk dude smashed a beer mug
into his friend’s head
and the crowd was riled as the game had just ended
and I saw, unable to move, the drunker dude who had cheek meat now dangling from his face
pummel his assailant as if his fists were powered by batteries
and after I explained the scene
the next day to my companion who had turned his back
on the black cat and also didn’t come out with me
-had he been in my opposite bar chair
neither of us would still be here-
I wouldn’t have gone to pee right away
so we’d have been in an ambulance after being caught in the fray
or headed to the county jail for adding to all of those men’s blood that spilled out…
and it was too hard not to see how it all went together
since I had watched the darkness walk past me twice in one day
and he said wanna know about the craziest piece?
While you were out, I was watching MMA fighting on TV…

I came home because I couldn’t wait to tell you
but I ended up asking what your favorite color was instead…
and you fucking said green…

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