What friend is this
or what even is a friend
who would sacrifice love of firmament
to admit
that he’d been 
involuntarily evoked?
That my love had choked?
That he had to go and thus ended the ending in the midst of it
Pray no

It could never be so
What ego could stoke the stroke of infantile sentiment
more than more of it drenched upon it would wrench
and now we both know
as we have always known
Pray no
It could never be so

A friend or foe is both with every sun glow
You come and then you go and then you go
Even if no one interprets what you admit
By your voluntary absences
I can see the under carriage of all of your friendships
when torrential winds shift
What more, ambivalence
now that we’ve kissed the edge of your shadow
individually I more than he
as friendly as he may be
without even recognizing that it
isn’t what any one who thought that they desired it meant
truly and utterly and as plainly as it came it went
Friend of friends I question the torment
of this dastardly dance of the dalliance
You don’t exist and yet you persist and
It isn’t little more than we think that it is
a morbidly obese hope dangling over the mountain on a balloon string
singing to the homeless drones of us as kids…befriending…
Pray no
Pray, no…
I’ve watched your friendship veer to and fro
What friend is this and does it’s existence really deserve

another kiss?

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