Just in case he never comes back
which would be a rookie mistake on his part
I feel that I need to say
that he came as advertised
even though he lied
He pretended to be closer in age
Just to get next to me
The creep of Destiny
And I didn’t act right, I couldn’t hold on to nothing but the moment, like this shit shouldn’t get to happen to people like me, I might be a whole lot doper than I think
Cause otherwise what is this black Spartan
even doing here
drinking water instead of beer
Let me hurry up and get down
wrestle this pretty ass ruddy Roman to the ground
clock won’t stop going round
this only my third or fourth week in town
I needed every last drop of that
And just in case he never comes back
with his young fine dumb ass
I feel that everybody should know
that he delivered all the packages lickety split
didn’t even need a cash tip
Had me asking what is it that you need
and that shit made me hungry.

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